About us

VETRAFORCE Szerelő Kft. was established in 2010 by outsourcing the assembly management activities of Nemzetközi Vegyépszer Zrt. into an independent company. Throughout the decade that has passed since then, we have used the knowledge, experience and commitment to quality gained in a large corporate context to serve our domestic and foreign partners with the flexibility of a smaller company. Thanks to this and to the continuous development of our staff and technology, we have become a respected, leading player in the Hungarian technology installation market. 

Our work, in which we always strive for the highest standards, is accompanied by numerous references. We are proud of the new plants we have established, the equipment we have manufactured, the successful installations and refurbishments we have carried out and the professional maintenance projects we have performed. In addition to our active market activities, we are involved in the professional scene as well, being members of several prestigious industry organisations and associations.

Our highly qualified, experienced and close-knit team, as well as our solid economic background are the guarantees for a successful cooperation. Our activities are based on two own sites, fully equipped production facilities, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, modern measuring instruments and our own infrastructure, such as the IT equipment or vehicles. 

At VETRAFORCE Kft., we always do our job in possession of all required permits, under the supervision of a certified quality assurance system, and without compromise, meeting the highest customer expectations. Another pillar of our reputation is the high number of successful technology installation projects in the chemical, oil, gas and other industries, always delivered on time and according to the contract.

Our existing and prospective partners can always rely on our unwavering commitment to quality and reliability.